Wildstar is Going Free-To-Play

Wildstar Free to Play

We all knew it was coming and today, its finally official. Game developer, Carbine Studios has announced that their Sci-Fi MMORPG, Wildstar will be going completely free-to-play this Fall, players will be able to download and play the game without any limitations/restrictions on their accounts.

Wildstar’s transition to F2P has been a hot topic amongst interested players and its current subscribers as the game has been on a downward spiral ever since it was introduced as a pay-to-play game back June 2014. Although the game offers a wide variety of innovative features with an interactive, action-style combat mechanic; the game simply couldn’t attract sufficient number of players to continue its current payment model.

So what does this “Transition” mean for New and Existing players?
For new players, the game with all its default features will be available wihout spending any money. Players will have the option to purchase in-game items and premium services. Players with a recurring payment plan for subscription service will have that plan automatically converted into a recurring plan for Signature status.

Wildstar Free-to-Play Announcements Trailer