Two New Heroes in DOTA 2 Unveiled in TI7

Earlier today in the International 2017, it was announced there will be a “Special Presentation”. The 2 new heroes were revealed after the last match of Day 5 (Team Liquid Vs. LGD) in the TI7. The 2 not yet named heroes will be released in the new upcoming updated “The Dueling Fates” update. The release date of the update has not been revealed yet. So far, we know that the 1st hero is a sword-wielding feline most likely belonging to the “Agility” category. The second hero, who was revealed right after is a fairy mostly “Intelligence”. We will have to wait after TI 7 for the official release to know more about the new heroes.

Below is the “Special Presentation” including the teaser trailer of the “The Dueling Fates” update during the International 2017.

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