The Longest DOTA 2 Professional Game

Longest DOTA 2 Game

Today, Game 2 of the best of 3 in Starladder Season 12 between Cloud 9 (C9) and SCARYFACEZZZ (SFZ) broke the record of the longest professional DOTA 2 game, clocking 3 hours and 20 minutes (200 minutes) beating the previous record of 125 minutes. So how did a professional match last that long? Well, since the recent patch, with the comeback mechanic, breaching high-ground has become more difficult, teams with an early lead cannot simply break the opposition’s base, add in one fed sniper and bristleback and you got yourself a 200 minute Defense of the Ancients, literally..

Cloud9 Vs. SFZ Bugs

The match lasted so long the map broke, although this did not have any impact on both teams’ performance animation bugs started appearing at around 150 minutes wherein debris of rocks started raining from the sky and some heroes engulfed in flames.

Cloud9 and SFZ Final Stats
Dota 2 Longest Professional Game

Don’t let those final item builds deceive you, multiple divine rapiers were purchased and some are just lying on the ground. C9, the aggressor for most part of the match, tried a variety of strategies to end the game from multiple Level 5 Dagons, creep blocking, refresher orbs but failed everytime.

Cloud9 Vs. SFZ – Final Moments




    1. Nice Item Bristleback !! I like that !

    2. The longest DOTA 2 game is 4 hours..Check it on Youtube duh!

    3. Its confiremed! the current meta is broken as f***

    4. rubick didnt help much in their team… that pulls them down

    5. What’s the title of the song or track at the final moment?

    6. Why People Pick PL?


    7. G>G>W>P

    8. wtf pro all of member in ALLIANCE

    9. Well for most this moment was epic but not for me as I placed a bet on C9.. The horrifying rush to their base was so traumatic for me.Good thing they went on to win the series

    10. nice game

    11. Rave sucks!

    12. Can any1 upload the original replay ?

    13. The hype at that last moment is just freakin epic! You gotta love ODPixel! Grats to both team though,they have just proven that the new meta sucks some serious bolas,volvo needs to fix that asap

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