Skyforge Introduces Pantheon Guild System

Skyforge Pantheon

Obsidian Entertainment has just revealed Skyforge’s Guild System, Pantheon. Players will be able to create their own Guild/Pantheon where players can create a community to move towards a common goal whether it would be in PVP, or to defeat all current bosses in the game. Pantheons also offers a wide array of features such as Pantheon Wars, Strongholds, Academy, and many more!

Skyforge Stronghold

Inside a Pantheon, members are divided into smaller inner groups – known as “clans”. Every clan is headed by a Commander who has the same level of authority as the Founder of the Pantheon. Their only differentiating feature is that they cannot kick the Founder from the Pantheon. By structuring Pantheons this way, there is no need for the Pantheon’s leader to constantly watch over each of its members, and instead they can focus on just controlling their clans. Ask any guild leader, managing a large active guild can take a tremendous amount of time and energy. It’s sad to see guilds fall apart when an energetic leader leaves or has to step down because of these responsibilities.

Pantheon Strongold

Your Pantheon’s development hinges on the competent management of its “base”, called the Stronghold. The Stronghold resembles a traditional economics simulator and has everything you need to ensure your Pantheon’s continued growth and success. Players can construct new buildings, improve existing ones, conduct scientific research and more!

In the Stronghold, you can construct:

  • Pantheon Chambers – These determine the maximum size of the Pantheon. There are two types of upgrades available which increase the number of available clans (up to 20) and their size (maximum 20 members).
  • Champion Tower – This provides access to the Pantheon Wars. Upgrading the tower will allow Commanders to appoint champions who will defend the Pantheon’s honor in battle. Champions will also receive special bonuses to their stats.
  • Power Sources – These supply the Stronghold with energy which is required to maintain continuous operation of other buildings within the base. Power Sources can be upgraded to ensure optimum power production.
  • Distortion Analyzer – Commanders can use this to locate alien bases. These bases are scattered around the planet and serve as the starting point for a full-scale invasion of Aelion. Storming a base involves an extremely complex chain of boss fights that demand a high level of skill, teamwork and knowledge of one’s class. Completing them will propel your character to new levels of development. By upgrading the analyzer, additional Pantheon members will be able to participate in these activities more often.
  • Academy – This is where Pantheon members can access basic knowledge about invasions and prepare themselves for battle. Here immortals can learn how to resist the harmful effects of hostile species, which is extremely important if the Pantheon strives to successfully fight off invaders in the hopes of facing off and defeating the harbingers – avatars of Great Gods. Additionally, in the Academy enables you to conduct personal research projects which can improve your character stats.

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