Skyforge Alakur Island Panoramic Preview

Skyforge Alakur Island Panoramic has released a preview of Alakur Island, one of the many zones in its upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge. Players can take take a closer look of the island in 3D-view. Although the preview doesn’t really offer that much tools to explore the area, players can still enjoy the gorgeous scenery of this upcoming Sci-fi MMORPG.

Alakur was once home to one of the most beautiful temples in all of Aelion, the Temple of Ianna. Citizens from all across the globe traveled to honor their patron goddess by leaving their offerings at the feet of the statue of their goddess, singing their songs and offering their prayers. To this day, the statue still stands by the sea, but the temple itself lies in ruins thanks to the carnivorous Phytonides who’ve seized the land and flooded the island.

Check out the Preview

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