Siegelord Faction War Introduction

Siegelord Faction War
37Games has just released a new trailer video for Siegelord focusing on the real-time Faction War which turns out to be the most significant aspect of this game. Let’s have a closer look to the faction war’s features.

Your first mission is to expand your faction’s territory with the help of your friends and allies from across the globe.

Explore the Thieden and Uncover Valuable Resources
By moving to different areas in the world map you may find many resource such as gold, recruiting horns, food and gear for your generals. You can even gain experience by bribing barbarians.

Besiege Rival Factions
Convene your troops outside the walls of any city you want to besiege. You can choose to send all your generals to a same city or assign them to different cities simultaneously. Victory will depend on how you split up or join your forces.

Duel Your Friends
You can duel your friends or cooperate with them during the Siege Battles.Those battles occur in cities, fortresses, and on different terrain. Your mission is to occupy them after defeating your enemies.

Know Your Enemies
Anybody can join the same siege and there is no limit for the number of participants. You can predict the outcome of the battle by checking who is on your side, knowing their levels and comparing them to the strength of your enemies.

Deploy Your Phantoms
Sometimes you may find out that your team is out-numbered. If you have phantoms you can deploy them to increase the size of your team. Phantoms are “clone” soldiers of your troops and can be released anytime. They may help you to turn the battle to your advantage.

Fight Another Day
If you think that the current battle is a lost cause then fall back and wait for the perfect
opportunity to counter-attack. Retreating to a near by city gives you the opportunity to recruit new soldiers, reorganize troops and get ready for the next battle.

Rush to the Aid of Your Allies
Sometimes you will see a faithful ally in dire need of assistance. Rush to their aid and join their cause. You never know when you might require their help down the road.

Claim the Spoils of War
-Merit ranking rewards: based on the number of merit you’ve earned
-Duel ranking rewards: based on the number of players you’ve defeated
-Conquer ranking rewards: based on the number of territories you’ve besieged
-Military ranking rewards: based on your actual military rank in your faction.

Sharpen Your Blade
According to your resources and level, you will be able to buy, sell or refine legendary weapons and unique battle trinkets.

Achieve Ultimate Victory
Your final task in this faction war is to become the king of your faction.Take the throne by occupying the castle with the highest position and unify the realm under your own banner!

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