Siegelord and Nightfalls to Get a Big Update on January 22nd

Siegelord and Nightfalls Big Update

37Games’ strategy browser game – Siegelord and their new dark fantasy MMORPG – Nightfalls are about to get a big update this January. According to 37Games, the upcoming update on both games will include new in-game features, quests, level cap increase, maps/locations, etc.

Siegelord 4.1 Update

The browser-based SLG Siegelord, announces its version 4.1 update. The new upcoming update not only includes new Faction Quests, Battlefields and various in-game events, but more excitingly, it sees the introduction of Germany into the Cross-Continent Fation Battle hosted from January 28 – 30.

Siegelord Gem Wheel Slot Machine

In the las Cross-Continent Faction Battle, English-speaking factions battled it out against French-speaking factions for honor and glory. The French came out slightly on top after the bloody battle came to a close. This time, German troops are sharpening their blades gathering their troops in preparations to enter the fray, making the challenge even tougher, bur more exciting the the same time.

New faction quest: “Occipation StreaK” gives the attacking side an advantage and a higher chance to get better rewards. Players will also be please to see the newly added battlefield ramp which gives their troop a buff when entering fortresses from the highland.

Additionally, up to 7 new in-game events such as “Gem Ablution” and “Slot Machine” are ready to go live, giving out abundant free rewards.

Nightalls Update: The Dark Destroyer

The browser-based, champion-collecting RPG – Nightfalls announces its 1.1 update coming this January. The update features a new level cap, new Artifact gameplay and multiplayer guild dungeons.

As the Dark Destroyer is about to be revived, the Elders of Angels have bestowed upon players the sealed Artifact, along with missions to save the land from destruction. Players above LvL.90 will be able to unlock the Artifact and improve it through upgrading and embedding Renestones, resulting in a great boos in character and champion stats. At the same time, the level cap has been increased to 120.

Nightfalls Runestones

What’s more, Guild Dungeons are now open to brave guild members who have reached Lvl.90 to obtain rare resources. There are 6 fierce monsters in each dungeon; defeat all of them to fill “Monster Bar” and unlock the next dungeon. Rare Runestones and other loot await those who dare explore the depth of the dungeon.

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