Red Stone Online Now Available On Steam

Red Stone Online Steam

L&K Logic Korea’s 2.5D fantasy MMORPG, Red Stone Online, is now released on Steam. This free-to-play MMORPG was initially introduced 2004 in Korea and published by OGPlanet in NA back in 2010. Red Stone Online features a unique transformation system where players can transform their characters into more powerful beings. Gameplay in Red Stone Online is limitless, characters over lvl 600 are able to “rebirth” wherein the characters level reverts back to lvl 1 but giving bonus attributes to both stats and skills with an accelerated speed in leveling up.


To celebrate the game’s launch on Steam, L&K Logic Korea have prepared six awesome events:

  • Party Rush
  • Equipment Rental
  • Call Me The Pioneer
  • Guild Mate
  • Beastman is Here
  • Become The First Red Stone Supporters

Visit the official events page to know more.

Interested players can download and play the game here.

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