Red Stone Official Release

Red Stone Grand Opening

GameenGame is happy to announce the grand opening of their newly acquired MMORPG: Red Stone on January 20th, 2015 01:00(PST). Red Stone will be officially released with a major content update including new areas, costumes, monsters, and class updates. The developer also announced that the game will be 90% English translated.

Complete patch notes are listed below:

  • Game English Translation will be 90% complete
  • Cash Point Shop will open with premium items & costumes available[Nacriema Server ONLY. The shop will not be available for Prandel Server]
  • New fields: Apostate‚Äôs Escape(lvs. 420~500), Hidden Camp(lvs. 500~550)
  • Molinar Tower level 6 and Forest In Time difficulty lowered. Quests are also added
  • Champion class set items update
  • Mutated Mini Pets and Pet item composing system update
  • Rebirth Ring update
  • Portal Sphere Power Kit update
  • Costume System update
  • Christmas event Portal Spheres will expire
  • Alternate Dimension hunting zone update
  • Class up for ALL CHARACTER CLASS update
  • Class up Premium hunting zone(field) update
  • Limit Breaker System update

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