Nightfalls – New Content Update: The Heavenly Sword

Nightfalls Heavenly Sword

The browser-based champion-collecting RPG Nightfalls updates to version 1.2 on January 1st, featuring 2 new gameplay systems, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Treasure. Since the DarkDestroyer was unsealed, the Journey of Sherri has become much tougher. In this update, newshas been brought from the Elder Angels that there are signs appearing of the Heavenly Swordand Dragon Relics. The fire of hope has been rekindled!

The Heavenly Sword, the holy weapon that disappeared for hundreds of years, has now been rediscovered in Icecrown City. In the game, the Heavenly Sword will be available for characters above level 40, upgrade it with EXP to vanquish enemies. Monsters that are killed by the swordwill gives players extra EXP which can be stacked.

Nightfalls Dragon Treausre

What’s more, the newly added Dragon Relics will help players find the legendary Dragon Treasure. Dragon Relics that were left by the ancients, can be found in Elite Challenge. Players above level 40 have 12 times a day to hunt for the Dragon Treasure by using Dragon Relics from Thursday to Saturday. It is time to unlock the mysterious power of the ancients.

Also, the new Lucky Spinning event has gone live, players can use Boost Stones to receive spin attempts and win abundant rewards. In the coming days, there are also special festival events awaiting players.

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