Nether Shutting Down

Nether Shutting Down

Just a little over a year after it’s release, Nether, the post-apocalyptic survival game on Steam will be shutting down it’s servers. Earlier today, game publisher Nether Productions stated on their social media that the development team, MBer will no longer be available to support the back-end system of the game.

Dear players,
As of September 26th, the back-end system for Nether, MBER, will no longer be available to support the game. This unfortunately means that the servers will shut down on that day, and play will no longer be possible. We hope to find a solution to this and other issues with the game ASAP. Please stay tuned for updates when available, and thank you for playing Nether.

Although the game is still available to purchase on Steam, the game server has already been shut down as mentioned on their statement.


  1. Since you failed to date this article, I can only assume that it’s slander. Nether is alive and well.

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