Monster Hunter Online Benchmark Global Release

Monster Hunter Online Benchmark

Today, Monster Hunter Online developer – Tencent Games together with NVIDIA and Crytek, announced the release of Monster Hunter Online English Version “Benchmark Program” for players around the world to download and test the game on their PC. The program is based on the actual Monster Hunter Online Client Game and was created with game engine: CRYENGINE. Players will get to experience the mesmerizing world of Monster Hunter online in high-definition graphics.

Although this is a good indication of a probable Western/NA release, Tencent Games has yet to announce an official release date of a localized version of the game.

Monster Hunter Online Recommended System Requirements:
Windows7 64 bit operating system
Intel Core i3 processors
Internal storage 4G
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB or other equal video card
DirectX 9.0C, DirectX 11

Download Benchmark here


  1. people dream if you think this game will be released in our lifetime..

  2. let’s all hope the NA version doesn’t fall into the hands of a greedy pub. I see so much microtransaction potential in this game.

  3. The benchmark doesn’t work anymore. anyone has any idea when exactly is the release date?

  4. Are they ever gonna release this game? I think crytek is just building up the hype then disappoints everyone. The reason why I say that is because they just want their brand name out there. Sure people will hate them for it but getting their brand name linked to a popular game (especially Monster Hunter Online) is more profitable at the end of the day.

  5. This is more like a teaser preview, so this means they will publish an English version for sure. Even the system requirements have been revealed.

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