Metro Conflict Ends Beta – Now Available on Steam

Metro Conflict Steam

The long awaited release of OGPlanet’s MMOFPS – Metro Conflict is now a reality! After a successful beta week, the free-to-play multiplayer online shooter is now in full commercial service and available both from OGPlanet’s own game launcher and from Steam!

OGPlanet also stated that they will be adding some game improvements and new content that will start to take shape over the coming weeks.

About Metro Conflict

From the creators of Alliance of Valiant Arms, RedDuck, OGPlanet is proud to bring Metro Conflict to the forefront of the Free to Play FPS genre. Set in the not too distant future, players will yield near-futuristic weapons while battling in metropolitan settings that could only be done justice by the Unreal Engine 3 that lies at the heart of Metro Conflict’s stunning visuals. Every character/class in Metro Conflict has its own unique skins, weapon load out, and skill giving each one a distinctive gameplay feel and strategy for tactical combat. Add in some compelling cinematic story/tutorial missions and you’ve found yourself a AAA shooter experience for…well, FREE!

Metro Conflict Promo Trailer

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