Meepo, Terrorblade and Lion Immortal Treasure III Preview – DOTA 2

Immortal Treasure III Preview

It has been more than a month since Valve broke through the $10,000,000 stretch goal which unlocked the Immortal Treasure III. And although the final Treasure is taking longer than expected to be released, there has been some information revealed regarding the possible contents of the 3rd box. We already know that the “Bonus Rare Immortal” item will be for Zeus, but what about the other 8 empty slots?

Last week, 3 videos of what seems to be previews of Immortal Items for Terrorblade, Meepo and Lion emerged from Virtus.Pro’s Channel. The videos were initially released on VP’s channel thus making it unofficial and subject to change.

Terrorblade’s Immortal Weapon

Meepo’s Immortal Item

Lion’s Immortal Item

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