Karos Returns Closed Beta Now Live

Karos Returns Closed Beta

Gamescampus just announced that their free-to-play fantasy MMORPG – Karos Returns closed beta is now live. Players who’ve signed up for beta can now download the client and access the game. To commemorate the launch, Gamescampus will be hosting events and giving out free starter packs giveaways worth $100.

Although the game just entered closed beta, there are some solid content and features beta testers cam enjoy: All 7 classes will be available for players to choose from, 50 levels to grind, and an open world PVP battleground to conquer. Karos Returns’ Closed Beta will last from March 24 at 3:00 PM PDT to March 29st at 11:59 PM PDT. GamesCampus also noted that all progress made in CBT will not be carried over to the live servers upon release, so its a given that the Cash Shop/Item Mall will not be active during CBT.

Karos Returns Closed Beta Events:

  • 35+ Advantage – Players that reach level 35 or higher during the CBT will receive bonus items after the official release of Karos Returns! In order to familiarize both new and old players to Karos Returns, we will be giving out an additional reward to all users who reach level 35 before the end of CBT. Not only do you get to experience the game before launch, these rewards will also give you an extra edge over your fellow players when Karos Returns!
    *Date: March 24th – 30th (11:59PM PDT)
  • Dis/Honored Leaders – With the morality system of Karos Returns, we would like to see our players explore both sides of the spectrum. The ten highest and ten lowest Character Alignment values at the end of CBT will receive a bonus reward for their exploits. Become a shining light of hope for Asmara or the most feared Warlord throughout the land!
    *Date: March 24th – 30th (11:59 PM PDT)
  • GM Greet and Challenge – GMs will be in-game and taking all challengers outside of Mirod Castle in Borneo. If you are feeling brave or just want to say hello, take some time out of leveling and come by!
    *Date: March 25th – 27th

Karos Returns Trailer

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