Karos Returns CBT Ends, Game Is Now Officially Live

Karos Returns Launch

Games Campus is happy to announce the launch of the LIVE server for their newest title, Karos Returns. The server is scheduled to go live Friday, April 3rd at 11:00AM PDT. Rewards will be given out during the live servers to those who participated in the CBT. Also, new features and content such as Castle Sieges, Guild Mine Wars, Item Mall, and many more will become available once the server goes live.

Player progress, character names and guilds created during CBT will not carry over to the live server.

Features Update:

  • Level 65 Cap
  • Castle Sieges
  • Guild Mine Wars
  • Super Skills
  • Item Mall

And lastly, Games Campus revealed the contents of the “Starter Packs” which will be given out to all CBT participants.

Starter Pack Contents:

  • Gacha Coin x5
  • Box of Necklase of Life (7 days)
  • Box of Ring of Experience (7 days)
  • Box of Lucky Earrings (7 days)
  • Small Potion of Quick HP Recovery x500
  • Small Potion of Quick MP Recovery x500
  • Platinum Guardian Angel x10
  • Summon Party x5
  • Mortuary Tablet x5
  • Lucky Cube Key x5
  • Lucky Cube x30
  • Lucky Stone x5
  • Weapon Enchant Protect x5
  • Armor Enchant Protect x5
  • karos Guide’s Vitality Potion x10
  • Activity Potion x10
  • D-grade Fletta Weapon
  • D-grade Fletta Armor
  • Large Bag (30 days)
  • Random Wing Box

Players who did not take part in the Closed Beta Test will be eligible for a 200 CC bonus for logging in and trying Karos Returns! So what are you waiting for? Play Now!

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