Immortal Treasure II Contents Leaked – DOTA 2 TI5 Compendium 2015

Immortal Treasure II 2015

If you are one of the many who purchased a TI5(The International 5) Compendium and has been waiting news on the content of the “Immortal Treasure II”; wait no longer! Earlier today, a user on Reddit Ha11ak managed to put together a list of what seems to be the 2nd batch of Immortal Items from the Immortal Treasure 2.

“by creating an html file about 2 weeks ago that basically checks for the images from the immortal slider. If the website wasn’t updated, the link of the img would be broken. If on the other hand the images were uploaded, I would be able to see when I refreshed the page. The html page I created had only about 10 hero names, so that’s why I wasn’t able to find all of them directly.”

Apparently, the heroes that will be included in the Immortal Treasure II are: Disruptor, Leshrac, Shadow Fiend, Sven, Tinker, Anti-Mage, Faceless Void. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there are rumors that the 8th, extremely rare golden item is for AntiMage

Disruptor “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Disruptor Immortal 2015

Shadow Fiend “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Shadow Fiend Immortal 2015

Leshrac “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Leshrac Immortal 2015

Sven “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Sven Immortal 2015

Tinker “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Tinker Immortal 2015

Faceless Void “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Faceless Void Immortal 2015

Anti-Mage “Immortal Item 2015” Model
Anti Mage Immortal 2015


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