H1Z1 Refunds Upset Players

H1Z1 Refunds

Sony Online Entertainment President, John Smedley, announced a “No questions asked”, full-refund policy after receiving an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from furious players expecting the game won’t be pay-to-win. H1Z1 was released January 16, 2015 on Steam, and just a few hours after going live, players who purchased and were streaming the game got enraged after seeing an indication of a “pay-to-win’ model: Airdrops.

Airdrop Tickets are cash shop items that calls out a plane to drop a military crate containing: Guns, Backpacks and Ammunition, and can be purchased using real-life money. Although dropped crates can be contested by other players in the server, players can still go to a remote location where they can easily secure their crates as seen on the video below:

Players who bought the game can get there refund directly through Steam. There is no need to contact SOE’s Refund Department.

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