Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D) will Start its Closed Beta on January 5, 2016

Guardians of Divinity Closed Beta

After launching the 3D FPS mobile game Fusion War in the end of 2015, 37Games scheduled a bunch of novel games for 2016. Here comes the Guardians of Divinity or G.O.D., an MMOARPG involving a massive war that spans Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian mythologies and goes beyond the mortal realm to the stars and beyond. This is the game where human beings and demigods dare to challenge the absolute rule of the gods. The Closed Beta begins on January 5th, 2016 with pre-registration available here.

The Prophecy Was Divined and Destiny Awaits
The game begins in the past, when human beings were on different continents and worshiped different gods. This non-unified worship brought the mortals ceaseless war, until Prometheus created a towering structure that separated the different continents into massive floating cities in the air. He also gave the Atlantians Energy Crystals which allowed them to create wonders beyond imagination. For a long time this brought nothing but peace and prosperity.

The Atlantians even created space vessels which allowed the world to become connected again after hundreds of years. However, The Goddess of Prophecy predicted that there would be a chosen demigod that would take Zeus’s throne and become the new king of gods. From hence forth the nightmare began as Zeus hunted them down. The remaining demigods plotted a bold plan — overthrowing the gods.

GOD Closed Beta
The Gods Show Up To Join The Gods’ Battle
In Guardians of Divinity, you will come across Athena, Anubis, the Monkey King, as well as various other gods from Greece, Egypt and China, and even gain the power from and transfer yourself into them.

Epic quests will lead you from fighting the mightiest of gods to helping collect worship power from human beings, and even leaving the mortal world to take the fight to the stars and beyond for the final battle against the forces of darkness.

At the Closed Beta stage, there will be 3 classes available to choose from. The Warrior, from the nation who used to feverishly worship Ares, is a melee hero with the greatest of survival ability. The cold-blooded Archer, who grew up among Artemis’s troops, will send every enemy to hell with her magic arrows and invisible traps. The Mage, who used to be pietistic to the god Bader, now has started aiming her freezing magic towards the gods who wanted to remove the whole tribe.

When some gods start to harm the mortal world without mercy, for the sake of suspicion and fear, they have stained divinity. Now, accept your fate or takeover your destiny and possibly even the world’s, the choice is in your hands.

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