Guardian Stone Now Available Worldwide on iOS and Android

Guardian Stone Global Launch

Just a few months after its initial release, Guardian Stone is finally available everywhere on both iOS and Android devices. Players can now download and play this free-to-play fantasy online RPG as it is now officially launched globally.

Summon and evolve your Guardians into the kingdom’s greatest force for good. Gather the broken stone shards scattered throughout the world, equip the Guardians with powerful arcane runes, and use their skills to unleash coordinated team assaults against your competition. The bigger your team of Guardians, the more options you’ll have in battle!

Guardian Stone PvP Arena

Download Guardian Stone today and explore the world, gather immense wealth while raiding ruins, and demolish your fellow heroes in some friendly PVP and Guild gameplay! With 11 supported languages (17 supported in the Chat Windows), players from around the world can come and compete for glory in Guardian Stone together.

Guardian Stone Features

  • Customized Equipment – Collect rare and legendary equipment. Improve them with crafting and gem enhancements to give yourself the edge in battle!
  • Summon the Guardians – With 69 Guardians all supporting different playstyles, you’ll have thousands of options to strategically defeat the orc hordes and rampaging ice elementals.
  • Improve Your Skills – Choose 1 of 3 possible characters (Warrior, Sorceress, and Ranger) and level them up, unlocking unique heroic powers, as you discover more of the mystery of the Guardian Stones.
  • Explore Over 120 Dungeons – With new dungeons opening around the map, there are dozens of raids, hundreds of enemies to crush, and many goblin mines to plunder!
  • Continue the Quest – After the first Great War, many of the known heroes have fallen. It’s up to you to reclaim the glory of your ancestors and bring peace to this troubled land.
  • Battle and Boast in PVP – Take a break from the dungeons and adventures into the heart of the darkness by brawling against rival guilds and cocky heroes in the PVP Tavern.

Test your mettle in the Guardian Stone PVP Tavern. Climb the ranks and earn your spot in the PVP Leagues. Vote for your favorite Guardians and receive increased stats, temporarily improved abilities, and faster cooldown for the week. Travel through the clouds and face up against the six Titans in the Challenge Mode. Or call upon your allies and raid the giant monsters lurking in the forests, swamps, and mountains throughout the world of Guardian Stone.

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