Felspire Closed Beta Announcement Reveals 3 Classes

Felspire Classes

Global game publisher, 37Games, has just announced its latest MMORPG – Felspire will begin its closed beta on August 3rd. Developed totally in-house by 37Games, Felspire provides players a fast-paced and novel gaming experience, going directly to the most exciting part of RPGs and cutting down on the tedious grinding. According to the information from 37Games, there will be 3 classes for closed beta and a likely 4th class in the near future.


Felspire Mage

In the world of Felspire, namely Eremos, brave adventurers descend upon this continent from different corners of world to claim the Felspire for their own. Rafe the Noble One is the prince of the last human empire. As a mage, Rafe is one with both nature and mysticism. He possesses the ability to harness natural forces, summon the flames of hell, and uses lightning to roast all those who stand in his way.


Felspire Warrior

Warriors are brave and fearless. They always take the brunt of the initial collision and resist frontal attacks. Tork, the most famous of warriors leads by his own fearless fortitude and conviction. He desires not only to bring peace and stability to Eremos but to vanquish the forces of “other” into utter obscurity.


Felspire Archer

Archers possess accurate, ranged attacks. They are elegant, swift hunters with the ability to track game thousands of miles away. The Elven archers have been staunch allies of the humans and have proved to be invaluable in their quest to secure the sanctity of the Felspire.

Felspire Class Transformation

Felspire Class Transformation

Apart from playing these legendary characters, players will transform classes and start down their own unique, treacherous paths. When each class reaches certain levels, they’ll transform to a new and higher class by fulfilling some quests which function a little bit like proficiency tests. Warriors will have chance to transform into Knights, Templars, Paladins, or even Champions. The Classic Transformation will bring players massive attribute boosts and open a new stage of development and quest lines.


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