Dungeon Fighter Online Raises Level Cap And Adds New Class – Female Slayer

Dungeon Fighter Online Female Slayer Class

Neople is happy to announce the release of their latest update to their beloved free-to-play arcade-style action game, Dungeon Fighter Online. The update includes the eagerly anticipated Female Slayer class who dominates her enemies with her blade and powerful abilities created by the magic imbued into her arm. The source of her powers remains a mystery but causes her foes to quake in fear. In addition, the level cap has been increased to 85 which will offer more gameplay content to its players.

Female Slayer Class Advancement:

  • Sword Master – Specialized in ‘Blade Dance’ technique with magical powers to dominate enemies.
  • Demon Slayer – Utilizes directly or infuses her sword with power of Majin to attack distant enemies with various skills.
  • Dark Templar – Absorbs enemy’s soul through the power of Usir. This magical knight moves freely under her shadows to attack enemies.
  • Vagabond – Suppresses the power of metastasis energy as she focuses only on battle through her abilities.

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Female Slayer Class Gameplay Trailer

Following Dungeon Fighter Online, Neople’s next project brings the critically-acclaimed “Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex” IP to life again in an upcoming first-person shooter, to be published by Nexon America.

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