Dragon Nest SEA 1.2K Mark: Volcano Nest

Dragon Nest SEA Volcano Nest
Dragon Nest SEA will be celebrating their 1.2kst day of service with some major updates including the new nest: Volcano Nest, PVP ladder changes, Dragon Hunting event, some skill balancing, and more. Dragon Nest SEA has yet to reveal all new features to be included in the update, players are also anticipating the release of the Lencea class, which is already available on Korean and Chinese version.

Patch Notes:

Volcano Nest – The crash of the Monolith created a fiery void claimed by ferocious monsters.

Volcano Nest Guide Mission – This systematic guide will aid players in clearing the Volcano Nest in Normal or Hard mode.

New Ladder Season – A brand new Ladder season will begin from 27 January 2015 so take note that Ladder records and points before 27 January 2015 will be reset. There are also a few Ladder adjustments according to the new Ladder season like new Lv80 Ruler’s epic armor sets in the Ladder store, and Saviour’s epic equipment can now be bought using Goddess’s Medals.

Request Ladder Matching in Town – You can now request for ladder matching in town by clicking the button on the right side of the main. You can request for both 1:1 ladder and 1:1 ladder (adjusted) through this button.

Ladder Adjustment Mode Added – Same rule as 1:1 ladder with Normal Colosseum adjustment applied. When you play more than 10 matches per week, Goddess’s Medals will be sent to your mailbox according to your score.

Returned Hero – There’s no better time to return back to Lagendia because lots of welcome gifts have been prepared for you! Don’t worry if you feel a bit lost in the beginning, because Geraint will help you ease smoothly back into the game. It will be like you never left!

Dragon Hunting Event – Pit yourself against the ferocious Sea Dragon, the terrifying Green Dragon, the merciless Desert Dragon and the all-powerful Black Dragon today and earn yourself some magnificent loot in this special Dragon Hunting event! All characters level 40 and above, regardless of armor and weapons, are welcome to join in the fray!

Nest Exploration Event Changed – There will be changes to the Nest Exploration event such as event target count, and clear counts for users who have cleared the Nest. Also, when a player has cleared Nests less than 3 times in your party, you can receive double the amount of final reward for the Nest!

Emergency Event – Keep your eyes out for our Emergency Events that will appear randomly in Fire Mountain/Lava River dungeons! You could bump into never-seen-before monsters, or even take part in awesome events and snag cool items!

Royal Castle Underground Treasure Warehouse Treasures Added – Lv80 epic set crafting material and Lv80 epic dragon jade are added to Royal Castle Underground Treasure Warehouse.

Lv80 Abyss Dungeon Rewards Changed – Lv80 epic dragon jade is added for Lv80 abyss dungeon reward, EXP gained from hunting elite and boss monsters in Lv80 abyss dungeons will be changed.

Skill Balancing – As with all Mark patches, there will be skill balancing to make the game a fairer place for all characters.

Polluted Water – Oh dear, it seems that even Lagendia is not spared from pollution! Two areas in Saint Haven will become polluted at certain times. Can you help in the clean up?

PVP Mission Added to Long Term Guild Mission – Besides the existing PvE long term missions, 6 guild long term missions that can be accomplished in Colosseum have been added. Complete them and gain [Guild Reward] to exchange for cool rewards!

Alter of Wandering Soul NPC – Exchange your Fragment of Wandering Soul with Lord of Souls Gareth in Saint Haven instead if you can’t make it to Altar of Wandering Soul. Available for level 70 and above characters only.

Sparta Goblins – Level 60 – 69 Sparta Goblins have been added to the Wonderful Theme Park! Spare no punches when you fight them, because they will show you no mercy!

Mission Room Renewal – 2 types of Mission Rooms will be available every day at 2100HRS (GMT +8) Respawn mode for the opened Mission Rooms will be open for the entire week. The other Mission Room will change for each day. A map will be randomly selected when a Mission Room opens.

Daily Missions Changed and Rewards Enhanced – Daily missions other than the respawn mode will be removed. You can get 3 times more Goddess Medals from the Mission Room than before.

Server Storage Slot Expansion – Server storage is expanded to 30 items. Applicable to both normal and cash tabs (15 slots added for both)

Mass Item Crafting Function Added – You can choose the quantity when crafting item. Crafting stays the same if the material is Dragon Jade/Talisman/Equipment.

Stat Decreasing Item Added – For carrying out missions for low level areas, items that decrease character stats will be added. Items can be bought from Dishonest Merchant NPCs.

Special Dragon Icon Changed – Icon has been changed to an arrow-tip shape like skill Dragon Jade icons.

Costumes of the Month – With the K-fever raging on strongly, we’re bringing back the nostalgic Korean Costume sets, now in Rare Grade. Pssst, Kali and Assassin can finally join the K-fever too!

New Cash Shop Items – Meet Sasha, the adorable first Rare Grade minion who will faithfully tag along with you on any adventure!

Altea’s Gacha Box Update
-Fluttering Leaf Bird Tail
-Moonstone Dragon Mount
-Fluttering Leaf Bird Wings
-Fluttering Leaf Bird Decal

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