DOTA 2 Treasure of the Hallowed Lands

Treasure of the Hallowed Lands
DOTA 2’s latest update included a new treasure box – Treasure fo the Hallowed Lands. The treasure contains one of the following items: Drowned Horseman, Favors of the Shamanic Light, Rite of the Acolyte Priest, Spectral Conservator. In addition, the treasure has a chance of containing: The Arch Temptress, a mythical costume set for Queen of Pain.

Favors of the Shamanic Light

Shadow Shaman – Rare Set
Bundle Includes:

  • Hood of Shamnic Light
  • Armbands of the Shamanic Light
  • Skirt of Shamanic Light
  • Inscribed Wand of Shamanic Light
  • Candelabra of Shamanic Light
  • Serpent of Shamanic Light

Rite of the Acolyte Priest

Dazzle – Rare Set
Bunlde Includes:

  • Inscribed The Acolyte Priest’s Bonesaw
  • Acolyte Priest’s Guard
  • Acolyte Priest’s Headdress
  • Acolyte Priest’s Robes
  • Acolyte Priest’s Fur

Drowned Horseman

Abaddon – Rare Set
Bundle Includes:

  • Drowned Horseman’s Axe and Buckler
  • Drowned Horseman’s Helm
  • Drowned Horseman’s Cape
  • Inscirbed Drowned Horseman’s Pauldrons
  • Drowned Horseman’s Mount

Spectral Conservator

Spectre – Mythical Set
Bundle Includes:

  • Conservator’s Headguard
  • Conservator’s Shoulderguard
  • Conservator’s Vanguard
  • Conservator’s Armor
  • Conservator’s Blade

The Arch Temptress

Queen of Pain – Mythical Set
Bundle Includes:

  • Dagger of the Arch Temptress
  • Horns of the Arch Temptress
  • Wingers of the Arch Temptress
  • Armor of the Arch Temptress


  1. Giff me item please!

  2. DOTA 2 costumes are becoming uglier and uglier each month, it’s like they are running out of creative ideas and just copy paste from the previous designs. GG volvo

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