DOTA 2 Reborn – New Interface, New Engine, And New Ways To Play

DOTA 2 Reborn

Valve has announced DOTA 2 Reborn, an all new UI Framework and Game Engine to redesign the game’s entire interface. DOTA 2 Reborn will initially launch in open beta next week for players to test the new DOTA 2 dashboard. Everything in the dashboard has been redesigned including: a new chat system, redesigned hero browser, new ways to watch DOTA 2 games, and many more.

Details about the new game engine will be revealed next week along with the new custom games. To learn more about this upcoming update, visit the official news page here.


The entire dashboard has been rebuilt from scratch to make it more intuitive and easier to use.Using a new UI framework, it enables the game to be more lightweight while also building a stronger foundation for new features here and in future updates.

  • PLAY DOTA- The “Play Dota” button is always available, no matter where you are in the new interface. Click “Play Dota” to choose your game mode or lobby, begin your search, and then go right back to what you were doing.
  • PUBLIC LOBBY GAMES – Lobby leaders can now list their lobbies publicly, allowing everyone in the world to see and join them. Players can search by lobby name or game mode, and also see which of those games are on their local network or have friends in them.
  • YOUR PARTY – Dota is best enjoyed with friends. Several new tools have been built to make it easier for you to gather your friends for a match, and make the experience of communicating with them seamless.
  • YOUR FRIENDS – Explore your friends’ playstyles, keep track of their accomplishments and comment on their progress.
  • IMPROVED CHAT – The new chat interface is built with the goal of making it easier for players to form communities, and to help them get to know other players as they participate in more conversations.


Heroes are the heart of Dota. The revamped Hero Browser makes it easier to browse the DOTA 2 roster in a single location for you to learn about, practice with, and customize your heroes.

  • FIND YOUR HERO – It’s now easier to search and sort through heroes using filters. Apply a Carry or Support filter to see which heroes work well in those roles, then filter further by specific roles such as Nuker or Jungler. You can also increase the strength of a filter to see which heroes function especially well in a particular role.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR HERO – Hero pages now let you quickly browse and try on every set and item available for that hero. If you find something you like, use the purchase button to buy directly from the Dota 2 store or from the Steam Marketplace. There’s also more information to help you determine if a hero is right for you, and a place to check out the community-written guides for that hero without needing to enter a match.
  • DEMO YOUR HERO – Each hero’s page features a “Demo Hero” button, giving you quick access to a safe place to try out any hero’s abilities and practice last hitting. The hero will also wear any items you have selected in their Loadout, giving you a chance to preview any cosmetic item in-game, including items you don’t own.


Watching Dota 2 is just as central an experience as playing. The Watch section has been redesigned to make it easier to find the matches you want to see and then enjoy the game with a revamped DotaTV experience.


Guided Bot Matches allow new players to jump right in and experience a full Dota game, all the while receiving guidance from an AI director.

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