Chibi Warriors Pets Are Coming

Chibi Warriors Pets

Fight with or against your friends in an effort to save the world of the Three Kingdoms. With the new version of Chibi Warriors, warriors can now acquire many furry friends through the “Pet Palace” building.

Along your journey in Chibi Warriors, you’ll develop a powerful set of skills, lead the charge in the epic PvP arena battles, awaken more powerful warriors, and train your pets to fight alongside you against the other armies in the Guild Army War. Win the campaign battles and gain your warriors XP while moving up in the ranks of the Three Kingdoms.

There’s plenty to do everyday — from enslaving other warriors, challenging other guilds, to plundering other player’s gold mines and taking the loot for yourself. Warriors can also test their skills against the most seasoned veterans in cross server battles.

All this and more coming soon! Stay tuned to 37Games for more unique features and updates. Play Chibi Warriors on the official website or from the convenience of Facebook. It’s free — so come get in on the fun!

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