Blade and Soul NA Introduces 2 Factions

Blade and Soul Factions

Throughout the month of August, the Blade and Soul NA team will be revealing details on the warring factions of Blade and Soul. There are 2 factions players can choose from at the early part of Blade and Soul: The Crimson Legion or The Cerulean Order. The Blade and Soul team has prepared an in-depth guide to help players discover the principle values of each side before choosing a faction to fight for upon release.

The Blade and Soul team has just launched a Faction page to deliver the message of the Faction leaders: Crimson Chief Sansu and Cerulean Elder Hansu. In addition, the team will be conducting a livestream to discuss further details about “Factions” on August 18, 2015 at 10AM PDT. The team will also give each leader a spot on their Twitter Feed to showcase their faction in hopes to recruit members.

The Crimson Legion

Blade and Soul The Crimson Legion

All living beings are born free! Time and again we’ve seen established governments turn corrupt without hesitation, so why should we bow to those who only serve themselves?

The Cerulean Order

Blade and Soul The Cerulean Order

So you wish to help society reach its full potential? Then surely you must appreciate the value of order, unity, and dignity.

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