Ark: Survival Evolved Is Now Out On Steam Early Access

Ark Survival Evolved Steam

Studio Wildcard’s dinosaur-themed online survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved is now available on Steam Early Access. Players can now purchase, download and play the game via Steam.

Though the game will initially launch as an Early Access game(unfinished version), Ark: Survival Evolved already offers some solid features as presented by the developer during a Q&A session with the steam community. Players will be able to explore approximately 36 square kilometers of walk-able land mass and about 12 square kilometers of ocean. Survival elements such as gathering resources, crafting, hunting, building and taming creatures will play a key role in the game’s mechanic for an in-depth, long-lasting Jurassic experience. Also, players will have the option to play Local Single-player or in a persistent multiplayer-online server.

Ark: Survival Evolved Gameplay Trailer

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  1. This game is so buggy, got a blue screen right after i launched the game. Not sure how this game is even getting good reviews on steam.Bought reviews? cause there are like hundreds of people complaining they can’t play the game

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