Siegelord Gift Pack Codes Giveaway

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MMOJam has teamed up with 37Games to giveaway Siegelord Newbie Gift Packs to our loyal readers. Simply complete any of the tasks below and redeem your Gift Pack Giveaway Key.

If you don’t have a Siegelord account yet, sign up here:
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Siegelord Gift Pack Keys

How to Redeem Siegelord Gift Pack

1. In Siegelord, click the GIFT BOX button beside your avatar icon to open the gift panel.
2. Copy and Paste your gift code in the text box and click “CLAIM PACKAGE”.
3. Now you will get your gift, Enjoy your time in Siegelord!!

The gift pack contains:

  • Food*10,000
  • Timber*10,000
  • Gold*10,000
  • Recruitment Horn*10
  • Diamond*100

Siegelord Gameplay Video

About Siegelord

SiegeLord is a Medieval SLG browser game. Immerse yourself in the world of Thieden — with three rival factions vying for control of the continent. Engage in real-time warfare on a persistent, live multiplayer map. Forge alliances with other commanders, research new technologies, and unite the realm under your banner!


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