Guardians of Divinity Gift Pack Codes Giveaway

Guardians of Divinity Gift Pack Codes Giveaway

MMOJam has teamed up with 37Games to giveaway Guardians of Divinity Newbie Gift Packs to our loyal readers. Simply complete any of the tasks below and redeem your Gift Pack Giveaway Key.

If you don’t have a Guardians of Divinity account yet, sign up here:
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Guardians of Divinity Gift Pack Keys


1. Log into Guardians of Divinity ( to create a character and reach Level 31(very soon).
2. Click on the Hall of Rewards icon (upper right corner) and open the Gift Code tab.
3. Paste your code and get your free gift!

Gift Pack Contains:

  • 2X EXP Potion x1
  • Pickaxe x3
  • Gold x500k

Guardians of Divinity Trailer

About Guardians of Divinity

The game begins in the past, when human beings were on different continents and worshiped different gods. This non-unified worship brought the mortals ceaseless war, until Prometheus created a towering structure that separated the different continents into massive floating cities in the air. He also gave the Atlantians Energy Crystals which allowed them to create wonders beyond imagination. For a long time this brought nothing but peace and prosperity.

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