Touch is a free-to-play dancing MMORPG browser game with a mini client available for Windows users. Touch features popular k-pop songs where players dance it off with other players online in different game modes. Touch is similar to the poplar Audition Online, with the main focus of the game being on music, dancing and online social activities.



  • Publisher: 3Claws
  • Developer: 3Claws
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Web Browser, Mini Client
  • Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • File Size: 40MB
  • PvP: Yes
  • Cash Shop: Yes


Touch is a 3D virtual dancing-simulation MMORPG, players can take part in various dancing game modes with other players online. Like most dancing MMORPGs, Touch features popular k-pop songs for players to dance to. Gameplay is pretty simple, players have to match the moves being shown on the screen using the directional keys. Timing it perfectly makes the player’s avatar execute dance moves or even harder combinations.

In Touch, gameplay is not all about dancing, players can enjoy various social activities such as: Marriage, Fashion Crafting and many more. Also, there are multiple game modes players can select to match their play style.


  • Cross-Server Dance Battles – In Touch, you can give a challenge to another T-Dancer from another server. This is one of the outstanding features of Touch because it can be connected between the server at any time without any time particular events. This system will unify T-Dancer from each server without exception.
  • Marriage System – The Social System in Touch lets you meet new people. There are thousands T-dancer over the world and you can dance together on one stage. Fall In Love With Another T-dancer? Capture the story of your love to the Marriage System. You can marry another T-Dancer and get a lot of advantages.
  • Fashion Crafting – Collect unique goods that you get from Quest or Events on the Touch, because all the stuff that you can change to Accessories or other prizes that you can use. A lot of cool stuff you can get from Fashion Crafting, you can use to beautify your appearance later in game.
  • Baby System – Touch International Online have an interesting feature, in Touch International Online you can have a cute little baby and can you invite to dance if he/she had grown up. You just have to make a wish to little fairy and the fairy will granted your wish. To have a baby you don’t need to do Wedding first. You can make a wish even if you are single in the game.




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