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  • Third-person MOBA
  • WASD controls
  • Detailed graphics and visual effects


  • Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Mythology
  • File Size: 10GB
  • Free: Yes
  • PVP: Yes



Smite is a free-to-play multiplayer-online-battle-arena(MOBA) PC game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Smite is a mythology-themed MOBA game where players can select heroes from a vast selection of mythical gods such as: Zeus, Medusa, Loki, Odin, and many more. Smite’s gameplay is not the traditional “point-and-click”, the game utilizes an action-based game mechanic where players can evade incoming attacks, aim skills and spells, and move around the map using WASD controls.

There are multiple game modes in Smite, with the most popular being “Conquest”. Players are grouped into 2 teams, with 3 to 5 players to each team. All players of each team will start the match at opposite sides of a map at their team’s ‘fountain’. Before the players enter the map, they are granted an amount of gold (usually 1,500) to buy starting items. These items grant special bonuses or abilities that enhance the player’s god. There are one to three continuous ‘lanes’ running from one side of the map to the other. Each lane is defended by a ‘Phoenix’ which is accompanied by a pair of extra defensive towers. Phoenixes and towers deal a large amount of damage to any enemies that come too close. The goal of each game is to destroy the opposing team’s Phoenixes and the Titan, a giant warrior who must be defeated to win the game.

Game Modes

  • Conquest – Conquest is the main mode of the game, featuring a regular 3 lane MOBA style map with a Greek visual theme (“The Siege of Olympus”.). Currently, arranged teams (or parties) are limited to three players total in normal matchmaking. The match manager will try to give the opposing team better solo players if there are teamed players together on a side.
  • Arena – Arena is played 5 versus 5 with minions and side-objectives including buff camps with a Roman visual theme (“The Grand Colosseum”.). However, rather than having lanes, the map mainly consists of an open area. Minions of both sides spawn and attempt to enter the portal located on the front of the enemy base. Rather than a single end objective, in Arena each team begins with 500 points, with the goal being to reduce your enemy’s score to 0 by killing their players and minions, or escorting your own side’s minions and periodically spawning siege towers to the enemy portal.
  • Joust – In the Joust mode, a game mode with a Meviedal theme, there is only one lane with one tower and a phoenix on each side and you are grouped up with 2 allies against 3 other players, but beyond this it plays in a very similar way to the conquest game mode, complete with a rudimentary jungle. There is also a League Joust mode, and it only allows solo players, who must fight one on one.
  • Assault – Assault is a game mode that is based on the ARAM (All Random All Mid) custom match mode from other MOBA titles. Each player is assigned a random god (however, the user may choose to “re-roll” their god for a small price of in-game currency or premium currency) and they are all taking charge in one lane with the inability to recall back to base, so the only way to buy items from the shop, is to die. The objective is similar to that of Conquest: Destroy the enemy team’s 2 towers, Phoenix and their Titan. This game mode features a Norse theme (“Ragnarök”.)
  • Siege – Siege is a Mayan-themed (“The end of the great cycle”.) game mode somewhat similar to Conquest with two lanes, two towers and a Phoenix per lane and a Titan plus a jungle in between the lanes. But unlike Conquest, there is less emphasis in gathering gold/experience to become stronger and more in taking down enemy objectives as soon as possible. To do this there is a special super minion called Siege Juggernaut, which is more resistant, twice as fast as regular minions, deals bonus damage to structures and allows allied gods to quickly teleport to its position.

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Smite Gameplay and Trailers
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