Light of Darkness

Light of Darkness
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Light of Darkness is a stunning 3D fantasy MMORPG browser game published by 3Claws. The game features interactive combat where players can freely execute devastating skill combinations. Players can engage other players online in Arena PvP matches or team up with the strongest in your server to take down the World Boss…


The Light of Darkness is an amazing web game which use 3D scene and character. With history background which is connecting the heroes in the history, this game makes all players will do heroic action and fight the true evil. With taking every themes, going through every eras, this is a story about someone from the future got trapped in the past. All the story is about the war between the time travel hero and the demon shadow. The player has to save the history through many time-travels, and get the evil go back where they belong, and find a way to go back to his/her own home…

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  • Player Achievements – Achievement, is in-game process record. Reaching achievement not only give you rewards, but also achievement points, value-added item reward, and character’s stats reward. Difficulty level will decide which achievement you get. Achievement reflects player’s power, it also shows player’s growing experience. Player can compare achievements with other players.
  • Artifact System – If you want to hold on in the chaos of time and space, artifact is a necessary treasure. Having an artifact could adds many stat to your character. When the artifact growth reach 100%, you can upgrade it. You can upgrade artifact skill by combat, when it reach highest level of experience, you can upgrade it using the artifact stone.
  • Beast System – After finishing the mainline tasks of lv11, players can get powerful beast; feed them by Beast Stones to increase the Beast Soul and attain attributes bonus. When the Beast Soul gets full, it can be upgraded to next level with more attributes.
  • Couple System – You can be a couple with someone in opposite gender. You will get more exp if you both in a team. You can unlock many skills too.
  • Demon Hunting – Hunt Demons is a gameplay which you have to defeat elite monster and Boss which is on map. Elite monster is monster which shows golden skull above it’s head, if you meet them, you have to kill them in order to adds property bonus. Each monsters divided by 5 levels of skulls, every hunt kill will get different level of stars, and different property bonus.
  • Player Rankings – Ranking record in each server lists the top 102 players. If you fight hard enough, you will get the ultimate glory.



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  • Publisher: 3Claws
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • Free: Yes


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