Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul


Echo of Soul is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG by Aeria Games. The game features Five character classes with over 60 unique skills each allow gamers to deeply customize their gameplay experience. Echo of Soul offers MMO fans countless ways to play, including 60 party and solo dungeons, several highly competitive PvP modes, and over 1,600 quests…


  • Publisher: Aeria Games
  • Developer: Nvius
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: 10GB
  • PvP: Yes
  • Cash Shop: Yes


  • Soul System – After each encounter with a monster or an evil spirit, you can receive a Chaos Soul from the fallen creature. As it comes from a corrupted source, you will need to purify it in one of the Soul Sanctums or with another player to transform it into a beneficial source of power for your quest.
  • Solo and Party Dungeons – Echo of Soul offers thrilling dungeon experiences even when your friends are unavailable! Venture into a Solo Dungeon like the sinister Necromancers’ Den or the haunting Vagrant’s Copse for a unique challenge. Solo bosses only drop loot for your class, so they are a fantastic way to gear up!
  • PvP Arena – For battle-hardened veterans at max level, nothing is better than the thrill of a 5 vs. 5 arena match. Players can queue for the arena solo or in a team, and push for a coveted high ranking!




Echo of Soul Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Quad core / AMD Phenom X4 and higher
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Video Card: Geforce GTS 250 or higher
RAM: At least 2GB
HDD: 10GB free space


  1. juarez floriano lopes

    eu sou o montanhagame game muito bom recomendo , quem quiser me add no game to ai

  2. alguien q me ayude me aparece insufficient disk remains to intall

  3. como se hace para jugar a este juego … alguien me puede decir

  4. mientras espero el blade and soul sera para pasar el rato xD

  5. es lomejor

  6. Here is my take on this game:

    People are complaining that this game should’ve been released in NA/EU years ago. For the people that don’t know, this game was made by Koreans and is out for a while now. The game engine isn’t really the latest and there are no impressively unique features that sets it apart from other MMORPGS. However, the game does focus on core mechanics of what an MMORPG truly is. Similar to Aura Kingdom(game also published by Aeria), there are tons of people to play with and the RPG storyline doesn’t feel like a copy-paste from other games. With that said, Echo of Soul, imo is one the games that keep this genre alive. The game has anime-ish artstyle grahpics, enough conten, and most importantly, a huge community.

  7. Hope they increase the PVP point limit from 5000. Other than that,this game is awesome.

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