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  • Non-repetitive quests
  • Martial arts themed MMORPG
  • Dynamic daily world quests



Dragon Oath 3 is a free to play martial arts themed MMORPG by 69Dragon.com – Changyou. The game features a total of 9 distinct classes each with its own unique set of skills and gameplay attributes. Dragon Oath 3 is set in ancient China, players will begin their journey in the kingdom of Dali where they will take the role of a young martial arts student. Like most martial arts MMO, players can freely select Menpais/Martial Arts schools to join and forge their destiny.

Dragon Oath 3 is a point and click MMORPG, players can freely move around the map or by using the “auto path” feature for guided movement to their destination. Players will first spawn in the Kingdom of Dali where they will be given a series of tasks to complete for better understanding of the game’s mechanic. Quests in Dragon Oath 3 are pretty simple and straightforward, players can enjoy informative and non-repetitive quests which projects the game’s massive content.

Aside from the extensive list of classes, players will also experience the casual MMORPG qualities such as mounts, weapon forging, daily quests, pets, etc. Pets in Dragon Oath 3 can be summoned anywhere in the map, and can accompany players even during combat. Battle gameplay is the typical point and click system, players can assign class specific skills to execute in their togglable skill bar when engaged in a fight.


  • Beggars Alliance – Beggars Alliance’s disciples have the highest evasion of all nine classes, skills in the same category increase in damage if used together.
  • Taoist – Taoist disciples have the highest overall DPS in the game, Taoist specializes in spirit attacks with immobilize and paralyzing skills.
  • Voodoo – Highest HP of all magical classes, Voodoo disciples can debuff enemies from a distance and inflicts poison damage when attacked.
  • Shaolin – The tankiest of all nine classes, Shaolins utilizes their high defense by using lure skills to protect other team members.
  • Assassin – Assassins have the highest critical rate of all nine classes, assassins can go invisible to inflict devastating AOE damage.
  • Pyromancer – Pyromancers are the best physical damagers in the game, they enjoy low-cooldown skills with each attack leaving the enemy on fire.
  • Ministrel – Considered to be the overpowered class. They wield one of the strongest skills in the game. This class is the best choice for advanced players with fast hands.
  • Royalty – The most balanced class in terms of stats, Royalties are elemental lords capable of inflicting pure magical damage to their foes.
  • Lotus Order – The only class capable of healing and riving other team mates.


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OS: Windows 98 / XP / Vista
CPU: 800 MhZ Pentium 3 or better.
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 2 GB Free
Graphics Card: Any 32 MB Graphics Card


  1. please make do 3 for android

  2. cant update dragon oath 3 for some reason.

  3. How should I download DO3 plzz tell me……..

  4. I just came from DO2, but boy what a crapp in DO3. Graphics realy sucks. I think it’s just a rip from TLBB with some minor adjustments, but absolutely not worth playing. You won’t see me here ever again.

  5. Is this version similar to the Chinese one? cause i seem to notice more classes and areas on chinese videos on youtube

  6. Played the Chinese version of this not long ago. glad to see its finally in English

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