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  • Tactical turn-based combat
  • Beautiful fantasy world
  • Challenging solo dungeons



Dragon Heart Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG PC game by Mira Games. The game features core MMORPG gameplay mechanics with compelling fantasy-themed storyline matched with intense fast-paced, strategic battles. Dragon Heart’s combat system never gets boring, there is no repetitive grindy quests in Dragon Heart Online, the game has dynamic dungeons which means that players won’t be entering the same dungeon twice; waypoint requirements vary and scenes are randomized so players won’t know what to expect everytime they enter a dungeon. There are 3 different professions/classes players can choose from: Warrior, Mage and Archer, each with its own unique skill set and role in a fight.

Dragon Heart Online’s gameplay is point-and-click, players can move around the map using the mouse. Battles are turn-based with hotkeys to execute special skill attacks or to use consumable items. Players are given a 15 second timer per turn to decide what command to execute. If the timer expires, you character will forfeit the turn and be put automatically on guard stance. Players earn EXP and gold from killing monsters and completing tasks.Players are also rewarded “heartstones” for completing mercenary missions. Heartstones can be exchange for highgrade, rare equipments.

Dragon Heart Online Classes

  • Warriors – Agile fighters always capable of unleashing the full potential of their weapon.
  • Mages – Naturally force users that can cast devastating elemental magic.
  • Archers – Quick and precise, archers are the perfect ranged assassins.

Dragon Heart Online Features List

  • Strong Pet Hatching System – Cute and smart pets will let you love them and can’t part with them! Various types and pet upgrading system will make your pet not an optional being.
  • Unique Combat Experience – Dragon Heart plays specialty of Turn-based game. Through abundant skill settings and profession features, Dragon Heart makes combats full of strategic funs. Now we can say goodbye to repeating and monotonous playing method!
  • Randomized Dungeons and Waypoints – Dragon Heart Online has elaborately designed random dungeon. Varying dungeon with checkpoint conditions makes every dungeon a unique experience.
  • Complex Equipment System – Equipment system in Dragon Heart is traditional as well as innovational. It has both abundant randomness like Diablo and creative appearance changing function.
  • Diversified Tasks – In Dragon Heart, Tasks are absolutely not just a tool to get experience. Player will be attracted by diversified tasks and can hardly stop with them.

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Dragon Heart Online Gameplay and Trailers
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Dragon Heart Online Minimum System Requirements

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