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Dofus is a free-to-play flash based fantasy MMORPG browser game. In Dofus, players control a 2D avatar belonging to one of the character classes in a 3rd person view. Currently, there are 15 classes to choose from in the game, each class with its own unique set of skills..


As with most other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, players gain levels by obtaining experience. Experience can be gained by defeating monsters and completing quests. With each level, players gain 5 characteristic points, 1 spell point and 5 life points: which can be used to improve the characteristics of a player and upgrade their spells. As a character’s level advances, new spells and equipment becomes available. Players receive a special ‘aura’ when they reach level 100, and gain a different aura at 200. The maximum level a player can achieve is 200. Players may also decide to take up professions and frequently band together to undertake dungeons. Many also become part of guilds, letting them interact with others more easily.

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Guilds – Players have the opportunity to form guilds. This makes it possible for the members to speak with each other, coordinate events, place Perceptors and mark houses and Dragoturkey Paddocks with their guild insignia. A perceptor is a special NPC that is created by a member of a guild, to have an opportunity to obtain the spoils of a fight every time a fight is completed on its map.

Alliance – Each guild can form or join an alliance consisting of other guilds. There is no limit to how many guilds can join an alliance, but it must consist of at least one.

Challenges – Dofus has many challenges that can enhance gameplay. A challenge is a special task assigned to players at the start of a fight against a group of monsters. They encourage players to fight in a special way, such as only moving one square a turn, or only being allowed to use certain attacks throughout the fight. If a team completes a challenge, their experience and drops at the end of a fight are amplified.

Economy – There are three cities that contain a marketplace (Bonta, Brakmar, and Astrub), where people can buy and sell goods and equipment (for a fee – paid when the item is displayed for sale). The kamas from these sales deposit directly into the player’s bank account.

An emote to display the alliances’ emblem is given to the player if they’re a part of an alliance.



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Dofus Minimum System Requirements


  • Publisher: Ankama Games
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Platform: Web Browser, PC
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • PvP: Yes


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