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Block N Load is a free to play First Person Shooter game by Jagex. The game is available to download and play on Steam. Block N Load features 5v5 online multiplayer matches where both teams must build, attack,defend and destroy the opposite team’s cubes. Currently, there are 6 classes to choose from and 3 arena maps to play on.

There are 3 types of matches players can join: Friendly, Ranked or Custom games. Players can then select from 6 classes each with its own unique set of skills, weaponry and personality. After selecting a hero, players can choose a maximum of 6 blocks they want to build in the match. There is a wide variety of blocks a player can choose from such as land mines, brick walls, radars, turrets, etc.

In Block N Load, gameplay is divided into 2 phases: build phase and game phase. Players will be given a set amount of time to lay down traps and build up fortifications around their cubes. Once the match actually begins, players must destroy all 3 cubes of the enemy to win.


Sergeant ‘Sarge’ Stone
Sarge is a versatile soldier capable of planting explosives with ease. His primary weapon is his MP60. Oh! He has a rocket launcher too!
OP ‘Juan” Shinobi
Other than having a ridiculously awesome name, this lightning fast ninja wields a katana and to make it worst, Juan teleports!
Nigel Purder-Longshot
This skilled marksman specializes in ranged warfare. Nigel is capable of spotting enemies in a wide radius on the minimap.
Anthony Tony Turreto
Tony has good short range fighting power due to his Rivet Gun and is great at defending key positions with his turrets.
Cogwheel has a lot of health but is slow. His Rotary cannon doesn’t need to reload but has to spin-up; it fires a stable cone of fire on the left click and a spray fire on the right click.

‘Doc’ Eliza Doolally
Doc Eliza’s Globe Launcher is very powerful if aimed carefully and the Alt-Fire is good for lobbing acid bubbles over nearby walls. Her chem grenades and miasma mines can offer strong AoE deny for the enemy team.


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OS: Windows
Processor: Any Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 9600GT or better
DirectX: Version 10
Network: Broadband Internet connection

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