Wrath of Athena

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  • Anime-style Artwork
  • Unique storyline
  • Interactive quests


  • Publisher: Kuuplay
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • Free: Yes
  • PVP: Yes



Wrath of Athena is a Greek myth themed flash based MMORPG browser game with four playable classes and a diverse skill tree system, the game is available to users in many different portals and gaming websites including: Kuuplay, Kongregate, Armor Games, Facebook, Yahoo Games, and Steam. The player goes on an epic journey from Athens to the Underworld to save Athens, the world, and himself/herself from the grasps of the evil forces. The follower system allow players to recruit powerful side-kicks and deploy them tactically to maximize efficiency.

Wrath of Athena is a glorious world filled with Greek Mythological hero’s combined with mankind. It allows players to discover and venture into different worlds with a variety of characters battling opponents online or through the story mode of the game itself. Each dungeon and setting of the game has its own specific and unique attributes that make the game stand-out from many others. Player preferences are very important towards a satisfied gamer as well as a satisfied gamming publisher, this being said the developers are always updating the game and creating an atmosphere that players from all over the world desire.

Wrath of Athena Classes

  • Gladiator – Born in the Northern Highlands, this hero’s mighty strength and gigantic hammer cannot be stopped. Reigning protector is earth goddess, Gaia.
  • Warrior – Born in a furious volcano, this hero manipulates fire and will and wields a great sword of justice. Reigning protector is the sun god, Apollo.
  • Hunter – Born in the Dark Forests, this hero’s mystical magic and powerful infused arrows deal massive damage. Reigning protector is the goddess of hunt, Artemis.
  • Priest – Born in the Holy Temple of Athens, this hero abilities cleanses evil and protects allies. Reigning protector is goddess of wisdom, Athena.

Wrath of Athena Cash Shop

Players can purchase “Diamonds” with real-life money to buy costumes, additional items, gems, stones, EXP cards, etc.

Wrath of Athena Official Website


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  1. game died and no longer available ….move along

  2. Why are all MMORPG browser games the same? Same play-style, graphics, even the dam storyline is similar!

    • That’s because it’s proven that if they follow the same formula, they will most likely have success. The companies behind these games don’t care about making a unique and memorable playing experience, instead it’s about monetizing everything possible until the games has run its course.

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