Tiny Mighty

Tiny Mighty


Tiny Mighty is a free-to-play superhero browser MMORPG based on the Marvel Universe. Tiny Mighty features similar characters from the original Marvel comics such as: Wolverine, Black Widow, Ghost Rider, etc.



  • Publisher: AMZGame
  • Developer: AMZGame
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • PvP: Yes
  • Cash Shop: Yes


Tiny Mighty is a sidecroller MMORPG, and like most browser games, the combat gameplay is automated. Players will be given a combination of quests composed of basic tutorial tasks and missions to clear out dungeons. Questing in the game is a little more repetitive than your average browser MMORPG as the game requires players to complete multiple sub-levels of an area before progressing to the next one. After clearing out a dungeon, players will receive EXP, gold and items. And of course, every dungeon run expends stamina which can be refilled by consuming unwanted items from the player’s inventory. Also, there are alternate, side quests players can finish to receive additional EXP to accelerate character progression.

In Tiny Mighty, players can acquire new, stronger heroes each with its own set of unique skills. Heroes are categorized into 3 types: DEX, INT, and STR, these heroes can be upgraded or advanced by meeting the requirements. At the moment, there are 45 heroes players can collect in the game.

Skills and Equipment
Players can spend gold to increase the effectiveness of a Hero’s skill. The cost of the upgrade increases per level and skllls can be upgraded up to lvl 9. Each hero has 6 equipment slots and 1 “exclusive gear” slot which unlocks at Level 40.

Cash Shop
Players can purchase Diamonds – the game’s premium currency. Most of the cash shop items can be bought with Gold as well.


  • Set in a superhero-themed universe full of familiar characters.
  • Detailed battle animations
  • Gameplay without limitations – Stamina is restored by consuming items dropped from quests.




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