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  • Satisfying RPG experience
  • Challenging solo dungeons
  • Fierce multiplayer dungeons and arenas



Sword Saga is a free to play fantasy MMORPG browser game developed by Swordsaga.com and published by Aeria Games, R2games and Game321. The game features core RPG gameplay where players can savor all aspects of an MMORPG game such as alchemy, weapon forging, PVP, world bosses, etc. Sword Saga is set in the world of Starland, created by the dragon lord and was later on defiled by demons. Players must gather mercenaries to defeat the Demon King..

In Sword Saga, there are 3 classes to choose from: Magician, Warrior, Shooter each with its own attribute in battle. Sword Saga’s battle gameplay is automated and turn-based, players can freely select skills to use before each turn. Mercenaries are companions that players can recruit to fight along their journeys, players will have no control over what skills the mercenaries use in battle. There are multiple dungeons players have access to in the game, they can choose to enter dungeons single-handedly in “Solo Dungeon” or with friends in “Multiplayer Dungeon”. Players will be rewarded gold and EXP after clearing the whole dungeon run.


  • Magicians – From the Kingdom of the Republic, these mercenaries can not only heal but also deal devastating magical damage.
  • Warriors – Mercenaries of Thomahood who wields a greatsword and a shield for tanking.
  • Shooters – Musketeers originally from the Empire, they use their muskets to inflict AOE damage both short and long range.


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