Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta War of Empires Wallpaper
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  • Based on Ancient Greece’s History
  • Pure strategy city-building MMO
  • Artwork and BGM astoundingly projects the game’s theme



Sparta: War of empires is a free-to-play city-building strategy MMO browser game by Plarium Games. The game features an excellent outline of the history of Greece. Players will take the role as Archon of a city-state where they must build up resources and wealth to raise an army to face Xerxes and his Persian army. Players can enjoy their conquest on a vast strategic world map where they can raid towns or make agreements with other city-states.

In Sparta: War of Empires, players will begin their conquest by constructing production buildings to gather resources: Timber, Bronze and Grain. Production buildings can be upgraded to supply more resources that’s measured by the hour. Resources are used to train and upgrade troops and to further develop the city-state. There are no actual battle gameplays in Sparta: War of Empires, players can send out troops to attack nearby states and the outcome will be revealed in the form of a battle report. After a successful raid, players can plunder resources from raided villages as a reward.


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  1. This game is a massive rip-off. Everything in the game is designed to get you spending more and more money. They’ve even concocted a profit-maximizing algorithm-based scheme in their computer-generated “persian position” system–a trade secret–that does a good job draining your offensive and defensive statistics with little to no benefit. So for players that are (or were) loyal to the game and to their coalitions, one round playing the persian positions will usually make them quit, because they are so biased and unfair.

    A game like this ‘could’ be great since it brings in people from all over the world to compete in strategic fashion, but the plarium corporation has abused its players and taken them for granted; the company has made it clear that profits and anything to get people wasting more and more money is their main priority, not retaining its players with a fair system. They are vampires that will suck your blood.

    Never get started on this game. And if you do, don’t give them your money.

  2. its 2015, cant they make a real-time strategy game still?

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