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  • Immense PVP arena battles
  • Consistent daily events
  • Smooth and easy to learn controls



Rainbow Saga is a free-to-play 2D fantasy action MMORPG browser game by Game321. Rainbow Saga is a chibi side-scroller game similar to La Tale or the more popular MMO – Maplestory. The game features a “solo instance” where players can challenge themselves by defeating bosses single-handedly.

The world of Troonmill needs a guardian to save the Princess! Rainbow Saga features a unique way of playing browser MMORPGs. Although there is an auto-path option for walking around towns, player can move freely using directional buttons. I also like how battle gameplays are not automated, players can dodge attacks and choose what skills to combo by pressing A,S,D,E buttons when engaged in a fight.

In a nutshell, Rainbow Saga’s gameplay mechanic is identical to Maplestory’s, but with its own unique plot. In Rainbow Saga, players can savor all the core elements of a 2D side-scroller MMORPG whether it’d be keyboard mashing arcade-style PVP or casual daily mini-quests with friends.


  • Team PVP – Players can group up to face off with other teams in the arena.
  • Solo Instance – Put your skills to the test by going solo and get rewarded depending on the instance’s difficulty rating.
  • World Hunt – Take down a ferocious evil dragon that attacks daily and get rewarded based on the damage you’ve inflicted!


  • Elementalists can wield staffs to summon three magic powers from their bodies and attack ranged enemies.
  • Holy Knights wear heavy armor and carry a shield as solid as a stone. They always dash to the frontline and attack enemies with swords to protect their teammates.
  • Shadow Rangers throw darts to rapidly attack enemies from a far distance. They will be able to deal more damage if the power of a star buried within their body is activated while attacking.


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