One Piece Online

One Piece Online


One Piece Online is a free-to-play anime MMORPG browser game by JoyGames. One Piece Online, the browser game is based on the popular anime/manga – One Piece. The game is a mixture of strategy and RPG where players can create their own character to be injected in the game.


  • Publisher: JoyGames
  • Developer: JoyGames
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Anime
  • File Size: No Download
  • PvP: Yes
  • Cash Shop: Yes


  • Partner System – Team up with your favorite character from the anime. Choose from a wide variety of partners from Blue, Sniper, Swordsman or Devil Fruit Partners and cast devastating Fate combos.
  • Exciting Storyline Quests – Players can relive the anime through gameplay. Enjoy a content-rich storyline where players venture out to defeat mobs and bosses relevant to the anime.
  • Bounty Tasks – Players can take up bounty quests with different difficulty levels and bountiful rewards: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Gold.




One Piece Online Minimum System Requirements


  1. dont listen to these people.
    it costs a fortune to get some higher tier partners and by fortune i mean even over 1k dollars wouldnt get you even one of can get them for free but who knows how many years it would take.
    servers are all nearly dead and they wont merge.
    only 1 worthwhile free event (based on luck) and everything else for cashers only.
    ive played since the game came out for around 5 months and it was just horrible.
    combat is all auto, except storyline where enemies run to your base and your team needs to prevent that by killing them.
    pvp and everything else all auto.
    on storyline if you do not kill fast enough more and more enemies will appear and it will lag you. im talking hundreds of enemies moving on your screen if u dont kill fast enough which happens often. so u can imagine that lag.
    only reason why its popular is because its one piece. if anything else this game wouldve rot long ago

  2. why can’t i play anymore

  3. I literally put on 100+ hours in this game.. These are the type of MMORPGs worth trying.

  4. How to become a VIP member in this game?

  5. I wonder if they’ve ironed out some of their bugs; it was unbearable when it first launch and many weeks after, but I guess that’s to be expected.

  6. i use fire fox. chrome. and I.E. when i click start its a black screen . .

  7. Can we play this in Android Phone?

  8. are they not giving away free giftcodes in US servers? i always see the asian or eu servers with lots of freebies and events. i would transfer servers but i have a high level character in that server..

  9. Angweak HnD malakas

  10. I hope they do more events like Pirate team or Camp wars. Is there some kind of event like this in future patches?

  11. this game is for hardcore mmorpg players. my hands still hurt from all the boss fights..

  12. Love this game so much i’m gonna leave an honest positive review.Firstly,if you are a fan of the manga then this game is definitely for you.The insane amount of quests and daily events in this game makes it a game you would come back to everyday unlike those other dull, copy-paste mmos.The storyline is greatly adapted from the original anime and the developers added some twist to it to make their own plot that compliments the overall game experience.

  13. Luffy! 10/10!

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