Nova Genesis

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  • Clean unique artwork graphics
  • Original fantasy sci-fi storyline
  • Engaging quests and battles


  • Publisher: R2Games
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: Web Browser Game
  • Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • Free: Yes
  • PVP: Yes



Nova Genesis is the latest free to play fantasy MMORPG browser game by R2Games. The game features an engaging combat system where players can execute devastating combos in battle. Nova Genesis revolves around the world of Cerulea, a once peaceful land inhabited by many races until the Pyroi invaded. Players will play the role of one of the heroes racing to find “Nova Weapons” – a weapon artifact that grants power to its wielder.

There are 3 classes to choose from in Nova Genesis, each with its own distinct skill tree and combos. Battle gameplay in Nova Genesis, like most browser MMORPGs, is automated but players have the freedom to select which skills and combos to execute. Combos like “Squad Rush”, can be triggered if your party has accumulated enough “rage” points throughout the battle. After every battle, players will be rewarded extra EXP, gold, anima and rubies to be used for buying or forging new stronger equipments. Players can also take the “elite dungeons” challenge accessible upon reaching Level 15. In elite dungeons, players will get rewarded ‘elite tokens” after completing a floor in the dungeon. Elite tokens can be exchanged for rare gears.

In Nova Genesis, takes players into a beautiful sci-fi fantasy world where there are a total of 6 races to distinguish NPCs, bosses and mobs. Players can enjoy a rich storyline, engaging quests and battles, and intense PVP action VS other players online.


  • Corsair – Corsairs are powerful melee damagers capable of inflicting physical damage with their massive sword. Corsairs can choose from 3 skills trees: Scourge – Damage; Ward – Defense; Command – Buffs.
  • Wraith – Wraiths are agile melee characters capable of inflicting swift physical critical blows. Wraiths can choose from 3 skill trees: Eviscerate – single target damage; Flay – area damage; Toxin – enemy control.
  • Psyon – Controlling enchanted Ion Crystals, Psyons are able to deliver destructive magical area damage to enemies. Psyons can choose from 3 skill trees: Ion – area damage; Nova – healing; Dooom – single target control.

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  1. Another garbage MMORPG browser game. These type of games ruin the genre so bad.

  2. Is this game officially released already? I can’t play on their site… The “play now” button doesn’t take me anywhere I thought the servers were just out but it’s been like this for like a week already

  3. I love this game, im so in to it, and still playing.. So addicting, ill recommend this to friends..

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