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Knight’s Fable is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG browser game by GTArcade. Knight’s Fable sends you on an epic quest all within your browser as you pick a class, fight countless enemies and upgrade equipment in a colourful game world. Recruit the ultimate team of heroes as you travel through a mystical world filled with monsters that can be captured and trained as pets…


There are plenty of dungeons to explore in search of the ultimate loot to create your true fable as a powerful combatant in PvP arenas. Gameplay in Knight’s Fable is extremely quest driven and ensures level ups are never far away. With skill and equipment unlocks also being thrown at you fairly regularly you’ll never feel like you aren’t growing your character and making game progress. The large range of in game events and challenges boosts this sense of accomplishment even further and ensures you have ample things to do next.

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  • Alliance War – Alliance Wars consist of two parts: The Outer City War and the Inner City War. These two parts consist of three gameplay features: City Wall, Castle, and City Defense.
  • Alliance Boss – Sahlonax, once a typical dragon, has always been greedy by nature, collecting treasures and chasing after glittering things. One day Sahlonax discovered a beautiful, green gem and began to guard it. Little did he know that this gem was ancient and contained evil powers! After spending many nights and days guarding the gem, Sahlonax became an extremely irritable and aggressive dragon. Now any alliance leader has the power to summon this savage beast!
  • Character Enhancement – After completing Holy Throne for the first time, players will earn several talent points which will increase your character’s talent, which in turn will be helpful for character enhancement. This enhancement mode has five types: Green, Blue , Purple, Orange and Red.
  • Fishing Pool – You can choose to either fish once or to fish many times at once to obtain large amounts of Silver. You may also feed the fishes in order to boost Silver rewards.
  • Goddes Residents – Goddess are divided into five qualities: Common, Superior, Epic, Flawless, and Legendary. As you upgrade your Goddess your city will change in appearance every few levels as well as granting you bonus attempts and increasing city activities.


  • Knights – Knights are a male character with strong defenses. They possess lifesteal capabilities as well as exceptional physical attack and defense skills.
  • Magi – Magi are a female character with powerful magic capabilities. They are adept at casting powerful magic attacks.
  • Fighters – Fighters are a male class that excel at one-on-one physical attacks. They deal considerable damage while being both quick and nimble.
  • Spiritus – Spiritus are a female class that excel at buffing friendly party members while debuffing enemies.



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Knight’s Fable Minimum System Requirements


  • Publisher: GTArcade
  • Release Date: 2014
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • PvP: Yes


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