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  • Collect dragons companions
  • Alluring anime-style artwork
  • Unique storyline



Dragon Atlas is a beautifully made free-to-play fantasy MMORPG browser game by 37Games. The game features anime-style artwork that most MMO gamers would appreciate. In Dragon Atlas, you can select from 2 classes: Mage or Warrior both with no gender lock.

Battles are turn-based arcade style, players have the option which skills to execute in combat. Also, Dragon Atlas, as the titles says, has dragons in it! As a “Dragontalker”, you can have pet dragons to fight with you on your quests. Dragons can equip synthesized dragon relics that can be obtained as a reward for completing main quests. You can also feed dragons to increase its EXP(rankings).


  • Warrior – Warriors always stand in the front line perform powerful attacks and protect other team members.
  • Mage – Mages are wisdom ranged damage dealers. They usually stay at the back row of the team to cast their devastating skills.


  • Manor System – You can unlock and own a castle upon reaching level 32. Castles offer various advantages like: Tax Levy, maids, etc. Castles can be upgraded by consuming certain amounts of gold. The level of your castle determines the level of other buildings in the manor.
  • Farm System – There are three main buildings in your farm: Warehouse, Shop and Farming Land. Farming lands can be bought for certain amounts of golds. Your whole farm can be upgraded and the seeds that sold from the shop will also upgrade as the farm is upgraded. The farming land can also be upgraded, the growing speed and production will increase after the faming land upgrade.


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