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  • Based on the popular novel – Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Chibi version of Dynasty Warriors
  • Pleasing artwork graphics



Chibi Warriors is a free to play historical fantasy strategy MMO browser game by 37Games. The game is based on the popular book “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” or “Dynasty Warriors”. Players can enjoy the rich and strategic culture of China during that era. Chibi Warriors features city building with a touch of RPG where the hero can recruit historical generals to fight in China’s greatest civil war.

Since the game is a mix of RPG and Strategy, you will start the game by selecting a leader from 17 characters. Character selection won’t really impact gameplay so players can choose whomever they feel like playing. In Chibi Warriors, you take control of a town where you can forge equipments, enhance gears, collect taxes and start building your army. Your army can compose of cavalry, archers, swordsman, etc. depending on your strategy. Players can then begin questing by leaving the town and attacking nearby dungeons. Combat is automated and turn-based on a 3×3 tile map per each side.


Chibi Warriors, developed by 37Games, never comes shorts in terms of browser games graphics. The artwork blended pretty well with the game’s theme. Battle animations may not be that fancy, but still delivers all the elements of a true strategy MMO.


  • Dragon Orbs – These are special orbs that can be obtained as a reward for completing quests. If you have collected the required amount, a wish can be granted that includes: 1,000,0000 gold, a mythical hero and a rare weapon.
  • Daily Activities – Players can complete daily quests to earn extra rewards.
  • Three Kingdoms – Chibi Warriors is based off a book so players can enjoy the rich background of the “Three Kingdoms. Characters from the book are available to recruit or fight against.


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  1. Asian MMO at its finest.. Too bad its just a simple browser-based game. They should have made a client-based version of this. That would be epic

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