Anime Saiyan

Anime Saiyan
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  • Dragon Ball themed MMO
  • Flawless artwork and visual effects
  • Content-rich with lots of daily events


  • Publisher: PlayWebGame
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Anime
  • File Size: No Download
  • Free: Yes
  • PVP: Yes



Anime Saiyan is a free-to-play anime-based MMORPG browser game by PlayWebGames. The game is based on the popular manga/anime, Dragon Ball. Players can create their own character, there are 2 classes to choose from with no gender-lock and each class having its own unique set of skills. Players can team up with their favorite character from the original anime such as Goku to take down challening bosses. Although the game is highly based on the anime, Anime Saiyan manages to add something original to its plot which makes a good, solid storyline. Players can enter the arena to challenge other players online in a PVP match.

Anime Saiyan Features List

  • House System – Players own houses in the game, houses are divided into several areas: garage, rooms, workshop and many more. House utilities can also be upgraded to lessen the cooldown to reuse.
  • Arena – This feature becomes available at Level 21 after defeating Chichi in Master Roshi Quest at Mt. Paozu. Players can then head over to the arena where they can engage in PVP combat with other players to earn various rewards and increase their ranks.
  • Daily Events and World Bosses – There are plenty of daily quests players can take up from simple tasks to defeating powerful bosses. Event Participants will still be rewarded regardless the outcome.
  • Elite Dungeons – Upon reaching Level 38, players can challenge themselves by entering an “Elite Dungeon”. Elite Dungeons will give out rare gears depending on how many stars you get after completion.

Anime Saiyan Classes

  • Grappler(Male) – a melee class that bring greatsword, he have enormous power that can divide a land by using his greatsword.
  • Grappler(Female) – a melee class that bring 2 handed swords, she is so deadly and have good agility so she can move and slice her target easily.
  • Energy Master(Male) – a class that specialize in using energy attack, he have enormous power that can blast his energy to easily defeat his enemies.
  • Energy Master(Female) – class that specialize in using energy attack, she have enormous power that can blast his energy to easily defeat his enemies.

Anime Saiyan Official Website


Anime Saiyan Gameplay and Trailers
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Anime Saiyan Minimum System Requirements


  1. This game is just Anime Pirates with a DBZ skin. I advise you to skip it and look forward to the new Fairy Tail browser-based game that will be releasing eventually.

  2. the fewest playerbase browser game i played. complete waste of time

  3. Hey, i’d like to know if there are similar games to this one but not a browser game? i like this game but would prefer a Dragon Ball version where it has its own launcher and is free to play.

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