Animal Jam

Animal Jam


Animal Jam is a free-to-play fantasy MMO by WildWorks. Animal Jam is an exciting combination of RPG and adventure where players take control of customizable animals in a quest to discover and save the wild. The game is set in the world of Jamaa where players can travel through various ecological environments. In Animal Jam, each environment features different interactive facts, games, and virtual shops. Players are represented in the game with customizable animals.


  • Publisher: National Geographic
  • Developer: Wildworks
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: No Download
  • Free: Yes
  • Cash Shop: No
  • PvP: No


  • In Depth Pet Customization – Players can accessorize their animals, decorate their dens (virtual houses) and adopt virtual pets. Each animal is given a three-part name chosen from a name generator (e.g. “Happy Snowybunny” or “Rosey Peachywinner”).
  • Interactive Gameplay Mechanic – Players can interact with one another through chatting, trading/gifting, or by participating in multiplayer games and parties. By collecting facts in the game, players are rewarded with achievements.
  • Completely Free – Accessing Animal Jam does not require any paid material, however players can purchase memberships, which allow you to buy special animals, den items, or clothing. Players can also earn the in-game currency, gems, by completing various activities such as games and adventures, where players must battle the enemy phantoms, which represent pollution.




Animal Jam Minimum System Requirements
Because it is an online game, Animal Jam requires a healthy and constant internet connection of at least 1 Mbps—as well as Adobe Flash version 10.3 or newer—to run smoothly. If either of these requirements is not met, Animal Jam might have slow loading times, erratic gameplay, or may not load at all.

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